Developing Your Safe-Driving Pattern In 60 Min

Did you know that novice drivers are the safest on the road, according to statistics? It's when they take the wheel solo that the risk increases significantly.

That's where keys2drive comes in.

At MIM Driving School, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, which is why we are offering you access to free government-accredited driving lessons through Keys2Drive where you can book a free lesson with us.

The aim is to set the foundation for years of safe driving by building confidence and skills. With keys2drive, P-platers learn to drive safely with real driving experience.

"Keys2drive is a special program in that it not only meant to inculcate in the young learner the good habits of a safe-driving but also teaches the young person's supervisor (usually a parent) how to be a better supervisor."

MIM driving school encourages this free lesson to complement your learning to drive journey. This covers the 'thought' that goes behind being a long-term safe driver, so why don't you book a free lesson with us today.

Our instructor has been recognized as an outstanding Keys2drive accredited driving instructor and active representative within the road safety community.

How Do I Receive My Free Keys2Drive Lesson?

The free Keys2drive lesson is available by registering directly with us on 0433368904 or at www.keys2drive.com.au and receiving your unique ID to provide us with validation.

We have a pro-efficient team of accredited Keys2Drive instructors who can pick you up from your preferred location.

What Should I Know About The Free Driving Lesson?

  • Make sure to bring your learner's permit and Keys 2 Drive ID number to the lesson.
  • Parents/guardians must bring their full Australian driving license

Waste no more time by contacting us on 0433368904 and book a free lesson today.

Free Lesson How it Works

Step 1

Register on the Keys2Drive website

Free Register

Step 2

Check your Free Lesson ID via SMS

Lost your free lesson ID?

Step 3

Call MIM

Call the MIM 0433 368 904 to book your lesson